what to do, what to do

beginner sewing instruction for 5 saturdays from from 10 am to noon.  $72.  starting september 25.  downtown lancaster.  the nimble thimble.

pros:  seems like a reasonable price.  includes pattern and 1 hr of parking validation.  is a skill i’ve been longing to have.  would feel more deserving of the sewing machine on my Christmas wish list.  could make quilts for the baby(ies) i want to have one day.

cons:  is at least 5 saturdays in the fall that i can’t spend with my sister and her boys who are moving to bucks county next week.  unless she comes to me and we start our fall outings after noon.  (not that i think we’re going to see each other every single saturday, every single weekend.)  also would probably mean i can’t take voice lessons.  which is something else i’ve been longing to do.  probably longer than i’ve been yearning for sewing skills.  probably more expensive, too.

i’m sure i could dig deeper and find more pros and cons.  but i’m not emotionally ready to go there.

so.  do i take the sewing class or what?

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6 Responses to what to do, what to do

  1. queenann says:

    in a heartbeat.

    but that’s just what I would do. And don’t worry, we’ll see each other.

    I only wish I could take them with you!


  2. Jenny Reeder says:

    YES. Take it! Then you can come sew with us when you stay with us. DO IT!!!


  3. marisa says:

    just don’t feel intimidated. i’m so excited for you! sewing has been my new favorite thing! and i may be just as excited that your sister is moving to bucks county-remember the bucks county playhouse. good times.


  4. dots says:

    …hmmm….quilts wouldn’t really take lessons to learn to make…sewing straight lines just takes practice…I will sew you a baby quilt…I will have to send you the pattern of one I think is very cute…


  5. Elaine Hellewell says:

    Life’s short . . . do it.
    Then take voice lessons!


  6. Ami G. Smith says:

    YES. I’ve been sewing (quilting, rather) lately. I’ve been embracing domesticity these days. LOVING it. Do it.


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