good times be rollin’

(danger: bad iphone photos in this post could damage eyesight)

i owe you a report on the week i recently spent in nola, in the french quarter to be specific.  the well had not been plugged yet, but no, it didn’t smell like gasoline there.  any stench i would complain about related to the alcohol and garbage that was pretty much everywhere.  yes, it was hot and humid and sticky.  horribly hot and humid and sticky.

what better way to report on my attendance at the federally employed women‘s 2010 national training program than to tell you everything and everywhere i ate.  (yes, you can read into that sentence and infer that i wasn’t impressed with the fewntp.  if i were feeling snarky i’d go so far as to say that i would be a better presenter than basically all but one of the presenters i encountered.)  you could almost call it a gastronomic tour of the french quarter.  but pro’ly the food wasn’t good enough to justify that label.  because don’t you think that gastronomy is a word that should only be used when food is really amazing?

i have no memory of any breakfasts i ate the whole week.  is that even possible?


monday lunch:  acme oyster house
what i ate:  6 raw oysters on the half shell and a crawfish poboy with fries
what i thought:  oysters were yum.  poboy was fine.

monday dinner:  the crazy lobster, recommended by my busband
what i ate:  jambalaya, shrimp creole, red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee
what i thought:  flavors were good; shrimp creole burnt my mouth off; jambalaya didn’t have any visible sign of the shrimp, chicken or cajun sausage that was supposedly in there; my busband didn’t venture far enough out to find the best food when he was in nola

tuesday lunch:  ralph brennan’s red fish grill
what i ate:  shrimp and bacon wrap
what i thought:  decent.  should’ve ordered whatever salad my co-worker ordered; she couldn’t stop raving about it.

afternoon snack:  pralines (pronounced “prah-leens” by the locals so get it right all you “pray-leens” people) and cream blue bell ice cream from southern candymakers.  delish-us.

tuesday dinner:  ralph brennan’s bacco (no, we didn’t realize we ate at 2 restaurants owned by the same dude on the same day until much later)

what i ate:  lemon parmesan salad, roasted chicken and stracci, lemon ice box pie
what i thought:  the salad was tasty, main course was pretty close to scrumptious, dessert pretty much a letdown.

wednesday lunch:  deanie’s
what i ate:  spinach and shrimp salad
what i thought:  so yummy.  nice to eat something fresh and vegetable-y for a change.

afternoon snack:  chocolate-y goodness from southern candymakers

wednesday dinner:  coop’s place
what i ate:  jambalaya, shrimp creole, red beans and rice, gumbo
what i thought:  gag me with a spoon.  the concierge at my hotel highly recommended this place, said it was very yummy and very popular.  good thing i never have to listen to her again.  so yuck.  started to realize what good taste my busband has in restaurants and that i had spoken far too soon when i judged him for his recommendation of the crazy lobster.  so glad i get to listen to him for the rest of forever.

after dinner snack:  pralines and cream blue bell ice cream from southern candymakers.  delish-us.

thursday lunch:  arnaud’s remoulade
what i ate:  raw oysters on the half shell and crab boiled new potatoes
what i thought:  oh man, acme oyster house oysters were so much better.  why didn’t we go to remoulade on the first day and acme oyster house on the last day?

thursday dinner:  mardi gras gala at the marriott
what i ate:  does it matter?  it was an event catered by marriott
what i thought:  the steak and chicken were better than i expected, and the desserts weren’t.  also, mardi gras masks and hooplah is bizarre.

at some point i got up early and attempted to walk off all of the food i was ingesting.  and i took a few pictures along the way.  (yes, i walked all along bourbon street at the very best time of day:  first thing in the morning when all the bars are closed and the drunk partyers are passed out somewhere.)  have a gander.

final thoughts:  don’t ever go to nola in july.  don’t ever eat at coop’s place.  be sure to go to southern candymakers.  don’t be afraid to venture outside the french quarter.  i didn’t but wish wish wish i had.

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  1. dots says:

    ….maybe one day I will come and visit…by way of visiting my cousin who is in D.C….someday…someday…


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