instant classic

i am so glad – so glad – that my husband and i bought tickets months ago for the bsu-vt football game.  best labor day i’ve ever had.  really?  yeah, probably.

if you didn’t watch the game, don’t worry.  it’s not too late.  pretty sure espn-u will be showing it a couple hundred times over the next few weeks.  they’re showing it right now.  i’m watching it.  yes, again.  because i didn’t get to see very many replays during the live and in-person action.

did i mention that i was at the game?  how can i help you understand how awesome it was to be there?  stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight.

the first quarter was a blast.  so exciting.  recovered fumble.  blocked punt.  one-handed touchdown reception.  spontaneous jumping up and down and screaming and high-fiving with strangers in blue shirts.  mocking strangers in blue shirts.  more involuntary cheering and screaming because the broncos have shown up and are stomping on the hokies.

not a whole lot to say about the second quarter.  or the third.  (except that 71-yard touchdown run.  more jumping up and down and screaming.)  or most of the fourth.  the broncos took a little breather and let virginia tech have a go at it.  i’ll even go so far as to say that the opposing team’s quarterback is a good running back and had me scared for awhile.

other highlights.  got the update on my friend’s new man.  he sounds like a gem.  more mocking of random strangers in blue shirts, especially the guy in front of us who just didn’t know football as well as he should have.  and the girls next to him who really didn’t know what was going on and spent way too much time fixing their hair.  for whom, i ask you.  we were dumbfounded.

saw an almost fight between some fans from opposing sides.  that’s always fun.  but they didn’t fight.  they got all chummy.  then one of them took off his shirt.  turns out he was riding his shorts a little too low.  we all saw a bit more than we bargained for.  and well, it was just super fun to be there with our friend who had never been to a college game before.  he was so jazzed about how much energy there was and how good the game was.  how could that not make the whole experience that much better?

somehow, even though bsu fell behind, i wasn’t convinced that it was too late, that all hope was lost.  i wasn’t.  i believed in the possibility of bsu pulling out a win.  such would not have been the case if byu had been playing.  why do i believe that the cougars will botch every big game?  have i always felt that way?  or is max hall to blame?

anyway, to make a longer story just long enough, the broncos won.  they won in a sub-60-second drive that happened with only 2 minutes left in the whole stinking game.  my loudest screaming of the whole game was actually for bsu to stop the vt return of the kickoff after that last amazing touchdown.  screamed like the girl that i am.

and i’d do it again.  the whole thing.

i love college football.  love it.

ps.  if you’ve always wondered what a hokie is, click on it.

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2 Responses to instant classic

  1. queenann says:

    This post makes me happy.

    Also makes me wish I had time to blog. Soon, I hope.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I listened on radio. Enough said.


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