false alarm

we are not getting a dog.  yet.  someday, though.  i hope.

that’s right.  i have had a change of heart.  i have come to learn that i can love a dog.  easily and quickly.  in less than 24 hours.  practically immediately.

my husband has had a change of heart, too.  he now believes that a different time in a different house will be the right time and the right house for our dog.

in the meantime, we would like to have a baby.  let’s all pray we can make that happen soon.  pleasethanks.

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4 Responses to false alarm

  1. Carol Schiess says:



  2. queenann says:

    dogs, babies–isn’t it all the same?

    Love you alcylucy.


  3. dots says:

    Perhaps she means that the care of a dog would equate having another child to take care of…I hope you have a baby soon too…


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