greater love hath no man than this

we are getting a dog.

i’m still coming to terms with it.  but the decision is made.  no coercion, no manipulation.  i made the decision with eyes wide open.  because i love my husband.

did you know?  the pioneer woman‘s posts about her dog are the ones i’m most likely to completely ignore.  and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how much i have (had, to be accurate, since the choice is made) no desire to welcome a dog into our home and into my heart.

but i need to learn to be as selfless and giving and loving as my husband is.  (perhaps owning and caring for a dog will help to teach me those things, but that’s not what i mean.)

so we get a dog.  and i keep praying for my heart to change.

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4 Responses to greater love hath no man than this

  1. queenann says:

    I’m so sorry.


  2. dots says:

    big or small?

    my kids would love a dog.

    i would tolerate a small one.

    mike would tolerate a big one.

    we may get bunnies instead.


  3. Puna says:

    I love you will love the heck out of it. You know what’s next right? Baby…


  4. liz hawkins says:

    I am sorry, too. What kind of dog will you be learning to love?


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