of a wednesday

all gummy bears are not created equal.

peanut butter m&ms aren’t as good when the oppressive heat makes them just barely mushy.  the new pretzel m&ms aren’t all that.

i’ve seen eclipse twice.  i liked it better the second time.  probably because i didn’t need to pee real bad the second time.  and maybe because my husband’s baby sister was sitting next to me and we could make comments to each other and laugh.  she’s funny.  jacob says our 3 favorite lines in the movie.

my husband surprised me yesterday morning by saying he was going to make dinner.  not something he does.  and it was delicious.  orange lemon citrus salmon with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh dill.  homemade and hand-cut pasta (no kitchenaid attachment yet, okay maybe we only need this one) with a garlic butter sauce.  and a salad.  really yummy.  and all day today i’ve been thinking about dinner last night.  and how good it was.  and how much it means to me.  and how ooey gooey it makes me feel.  like i’m really special.  like he really thinks i’m special and loves me a whole ton.  i’ve been noticing a lot of things he does and says that have “i love you” written all over them without the words being written or said.  “i feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”  srsly.  and when i say i’ve been noticing, i mean that i’ve been trying to tell him that i feel loved because of the things he says and does.  that i recognize the non-verbal message he’s sending.

i am learning that deciding whether or not to get a dog can be an opportunity to see how Christ’s Atonement has the power to change people’s hearts.  i wonder if we will have the faith to take advantage of that opportunity.  i hope so.

it’s crazy hot out there.  but i still don’t think it’s as hot as it was every blessed day in the philippines because i have a/c everywhere i go.

i have work to do.

i am now accepting any and all blueberry recipes.  pleasethanks.

i want to go swimming.  i wish i enjoyed “laying out,” even though i don’t mind that i’ll never be tan.

in less than two weeks, i will fly to denver on monday morning for a meeting that afternoon and then fly back the next morning.  i love denver.  don’t love flying across the country two days in a row.

i need to be less self-centered.

today is my nephew’s birthday.  he’s 5 and very cute.  it’s also my friend dorothy’s birthday, if i recall correctly.  she’s cute, too.  best wishes to both of them.

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3 Responses to of a wednesday

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    exactly what about Denver do you love?
    I like how you’re telling your hubsband you feel loved; like that you recognize those non-word expressions; some of us never figure that out.
    Get on it–the less self-centered part–and get back to me about it. Unless I die first. That just means I recognize it’s a hard thing to ahieve, or, if you prefer, achieve.


  2. marisa says:

    i love you alyce. thanks for this post, i needed to hear it. can’t wait to see you so soon!


  3. queenann says:

    This does my heart good–the part about your husband. I’ve thought of it several times this week. Thank you.


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