try not to be jealous

husband dearest isn’t working today, so we’re going to spend the day doing this: 2010 Central PA Parade of Homes.  i’m super excited.  love going through new homes and oohing and ahhing at all the amenities i will likely never get to enjoy.  it’s so fun.  and since it’s parade of homes weekend, i’m hoping we don’t have to pretend we’re interested in buying or building or that we’re looking for a place for my mom so she can move out here from idaho.

let the adventure begin.

ps.  i’ve already folded laundry, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, gone to the grocery store, chopped and sliced onions for a neighborhood picnic (notice i’m not advertising it as the thing we’re doing today).  oh, and i showered, too.  and put on mascara and earrings.  you don’t know how big those last two are.

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One Response to try not to be jealous

  1. Briton Bennett-Juarez says:

    except that i DO know how big that is. i sure hope Benjamin noticed!


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