the longer commute

departure time this morning from my cute little house in lanco, pa:  4:43 am edt

destination:  washington, dc, approximately 2 blocks from the white house

estimated arrival time at my parking spot on p2 (based on 13 months of experience):  7:15 am edt (unless it’s the day after memorial day 2009)

actual arrival time at a parking spot on p3:  8:09 am edt

(today’s pictures courtesy of my iPhone 3g.  maybe someday i will have an iPhone 4, and we’ll all judge the picture quality.  and maybe someday i’ll take my nikon non-slr camera and see how it performs.  and can you imagine if i had a nikon slr?)

right around 6:30 am edt i started getting acquainted with my neighbors.

hi, neighbor.  how you be?  and isn’t the sky a loverly blue this morning?

this was my favorite neighbor.  (okay, that picture down there.  curse my amateur blogger skillz.)

but mostly, the next 45 minutes looked like this.  (not a lot of movement.  except for the firetruck, 6-ish state police, and 2 ambulances that cruised past on the shoulder.)


hi, hi, hi.

are you having fun yet?  i was trying really hard to.  i’d vote for myself.  the radio first reported the multi-car pile-up that caused this jam more than 30 minutes after traffic stopped.

around 7:15 am edt, i took this picture. (did i say yet how grateful i am to have been in the traffic jam and not in the traffic accident?)

yes!  we’re moving again.  no!  i can’t take pictures while driving.  also no, the front of that car is not hidden by me side-view mirror.  it’s mashed to bits.  pro’ly 6 or 8 cars looked that way.  i believe this pic is of a murano.  same car my husband drives.

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4 Responses to the longer commute

  1. queenann says:

    holy guacamole, I am super glad that your husband’s murano wasn’t involved and that your own personal nissan was also not involved.

    not so super glad about the longer commute, though.

    good picture posts. you’ll have to give me lessons on how to actually get my fanny in gear enough to included pictures with my posts. so too lazy.


  2. Landeelu says:

    Waaaaait…. you actually PLAN on a 2.5 hour commute everyday?


    Please no.


    • alcylucy says:

      you’re right. no. i only do it once a week. come down in the morning, stay over night, drive back the next evening. i’m not certifiable. just really, really tired pretty much every tuesday.


  3. Puna says:

    Oh man Alyce. How do you do it?


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