i need travelers insurance

things you absolutely must know for this story to have even a chance of being funny.

1.  the local baseball team in these parts are the barnstormers.  like the maryland blue crabs.  (i went to a blue crabs v barnstormers game once.  happy birthday, emily.  #32 was uber cute until we saw him chewing.)  or the caldwell silver streaks (best childhood memories of 4th of july fireworks ever) or boise hawks.  or the isotopes in albuquerque.

2.  me.  or at least that i am a schiess by birth, which consequently means that i have a penchant for playing with words.

3.  it rained last night.

after work yesterday, my husband took me over to the nissan dealership to pick up my car.  we had dropped it off that morning for its first regularly scheduled service.  no, my maxima does not at this point have a gender or a name.  if my husband were here, he would remind me that we did name her back when.  but i can’t remember the name now, so that must mean it didn’t stick.  ergo, no name.  no gender.

here’s how the convo went on our drive to the dealer.

me, after seeing a red sign (think “for sale” or “larsen for city council”) that said, “barnstormers game today”:  so bryan and rose are going to the game tonight, huh.  we need to go to a brainstormers game sometime.  oh look, an umbrella.  er, i mean, oh look, a rainbow.

“brainstormers” was intentional.  “umbrella” was not.  but i’m guessing you knew that already.

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3 Responses to i need travelers insurance

  1. Elasha says:

    Alyce, you’re one funny gal. What good times we had at DT. Good luck with your blog. We have one but I can’t seem to find the time for it.


  2. queenann says:

    Pretty sure you blogging is one of the things this world needs. Good to see it happening. Gives me hope.

    Also, I tend to lose the word for rainbow, too.


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